10 th
LEADERSHIP Summit & Awards 2017
5-6 September 2017, Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi
from Agriculture to Agribusiness

Globally, agriculture has transformed significantly over the years; from being a means of subsistence to now market linked and commercialized with application of advance technologies and integration. Agriculture in India has also come a long way from the days of ‘ship to mouth’ to a situation of ‘warehouses overflowing with food grains’. Agriculture is evolving into agribusiness and getting more market focused with value chain development, IT application and market spread, driven by the progressive government policies, aggressive play by institutions and the entry of large corporate in food and agriculture businesses. The role of these stake-holders in driving the growth and value added transformation of farms sector is commendable. But, most of them do not get any recognition for their contributions to the agriculture and for empowering farmers.

Indian Council of Food and Agriculture, as the apex platform for policy work, agribusiness trade facilitation and platform forglobal partnerships towards promoting agriculture and empowering farmers, is presenting 10th edition of Global Agriculture Leadership Awards. Responding to the need at the national and global level to recognize the contributions of various stake-holders in agriculture, ICFA took a step forward to reward and motivate individuals and organizations for their playing leadership roles in agriculture. The institution of Agriculture Leadership Awards in 2008 was one such significant step in this direction. The Awards are presented annually in different categories to those individuals/organizations, who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields. The National Awards Committee is headed by Prof. MS Swaminathan, Pioneer of India’s Green Revolution with two dozen persons of international eminence as its members. The selection of Awardees is done through a two tier system. There are Awards Sub-Committees, headed by one member of the National Committee. All the applications and nominations received by the Awards Secretariat are put up to the respective Sub-Committees, which in turn recommend names to the National Committee for the final selection.

  • Choose a category and make sure that you enter in the correct category. Ensure that entry forms are complete in all respects.
  • You may fill the forms in English or in Hindi and send entry preferably by mail.
  • You may send your nominations separately for each category and type (individual /institutional).
  • Please send your entry, preferably in 2 pages only. One page of general bio-data and one page about the significant achievements. The Committee may seek additional information, if necessary.
  • Each entry should be attached with the correct category label and a title.
  • A person may send his entry as well as sponsor names for any number of categories with brief notes of each sponsored names.
  • Please attach a cover note mentioning all the entries and categories in the package.
  • Entries must be sent to The Summit Secretariat, New Delhi.
  • Entrants are advised to familiarise themselves with the criteria before entering and to comply with the requirements of the entry rules as strictly as possible.
  • Each category will comprise of one or more awards for individual or institution/ organization.
  • If entering the same piece of work in different categories please submit in duplicate copies.
  • No individual or organization will be considered for an award in consecutive years.
  • The judges and the organizers reserve the right to reject the entries if they feel it does not comply with the spirit of the awards.
  • The awards will be made solely at the discretion of the judges, no feedback or correspondence will be entertained\about the results, and the judges’ decision is final.
  • Entries will not be returned. After judging, all entries may be retained by ICFA for its archives.
  • All successful entrants only will be notified of the decision by the due date.
  • ICFA reserves the right to make copies of the entries for publication in various forms.
  • The Awards will have to be received by the Awardee himself / herself in individual cases and in cases of organizations/industry by only the head of the organization.

Our Venue

Hotel Taj Palace New Delhi (5-6 September, 2017)