10 th
LEADERSHIP Summit & Awards 2017
5-6 September 2017, Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi
from Agriculture to Agribusiness

Even after decreased contribution to GDP, agriculture still continues as a major livelihood provider around the globe, especially in the developing world; and hence responsible for economic growth and social transformation. Mammoth work has been done in agriculture in the recent years on the part of the industry, NGOs, CGIAR bodies and institutions, supported by the Government and international organisations to transform the agriculture and allied sectors. The most significant development in the last one decade has been the emergence of large number of start-ups in food and agriculture, across the value chain spectrum, completing the chain from farm to fork. In India, the Government schemes like ACABC, Startup India, Standup India, Skilled India and launch of MUDRA Bank and such other initiatives have accelerated the value creation and entrepreneurship activities in the farm sector and connected the same to the markets and the consumers through innovative agribusiness models.

According to UNIDO, Agriculture-based industrial products account for half of all exports from developing countries, yet only 30 per cent of those exports involve processed goods compared to a figure of 98 per cent in the developed world. In India, it has been observed that there is a drop in GDP contribution of agriculture, simultaneously it is to be appreciated that the contribution of agribusinesses have reached around 30 per cent. The need of the hour is to renew focus and boost technology, trade and global partnerships to unleash the potential of agriculture through agribusinesses to create jobs and to become the major driver of Indian and global economy.

Indian Council of Food and Agriculture takes the opportunity to discuss the constraints and opportunities for a global momentum towards making agriculture high-tech, market linked and value added for best returns to farmers and to all stake-holders across the food value chain. This may require collective efforts, taking on board the Governments, inter-governmental organisations, trans-national corporations, industry, NGOs, FOs, financial and technology institutions for increased flow of knowledge, technologies, investments and market access. The national governments need to create enabling policy environment for effectively translating the potential of agriculture through agribusiness, and thus empowering farmers. Towards this end, ICFA is bringing together eminent personalities of Indian and global agriculture, food and agribusiness sectors on one platform on the event of 10th Agriculture Leadership Summit 2017. The experience will be combined with the presentation of 10th Global Leadership Awards and the launch of Agriculture Year Book 2017.

Important individuals and institutions, who played pivotal role in building new faiths and ambitions in agriculture will be acknowledged by the Agriculture Leadership Awards 2017. On this occasion, ICFA and Agriculture Today will also release the Agriculture Year Book 2017 for an exhaustive appraisal of activities in food and agriculture round the year. It is must for everyone anyhow associated with food and agriculture via business, research, academics, media, farming, trade, development, policy making, implementation and any other medium across the globe to participate in this amalgamation of events.

Our Venue

Hotel Taj Palace New Delhi (5-6 September, 2017)