राज्य कृषि परिषद्

State Agriculture Council


Trivendra Singh Rawat

Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Uttrakhand


उत्तराखंड राज्य कृषि परिषद

Agriculture forms a major pillar of the economy of Uttarakhand with nearly 51 per cent of the population engaged in the sector and 11.19 per cent contribution to the state’s GDP. The farm sector in the state is dominated by small and marginal land holdings (91%), which is mostly scattered due to larger area being hilly terrain. The food grains production is quite variable in different areas and huge productivity gaps have been recorded in plain and hilly areas. Though the state offers mammoth opportunities in horticulture, organic farming, diversied agriculture, medicinal and aromatic plants etc., the small size of holding combined with poor educational status of farmers, lack of mechanization coupled with inadequate access to developmental initiatives, schemes and other benecial information, especially in hilly areas, limits the growth. The lack of effective coordination among farmers, industry and Government results in inefciency of efforts. The different functionaries like state agriculture department, ICAR, front line extension agencies, non-government organization, private CSR and other developmental initiatives are working for the betterment of farmers and agriculture sector, but due to the lack of coordination among the key stake-holders does not show up the result of hard work and resources. Realising the need for an apex coordination and advisory platform at the State level, ICFA is launching the State Agriculture Council, which is mandated to work as the think tank, state level knowledge resource center, policy advisory and development body and coordination platform towards synergizing the efforts of all the key stake-holders towards catalyzing growth in agriculture and value chain and empowering farmers.

Prof. B. S. Bisht

Prof. B. S. Bisht

Director, Birla Institute of Applied Sciences, Bhimtal



  • To be the apex platform for stake-holders at the state level for interaction and sharing of experiences, setting development agenda and connecting with concerned people and institutions within the state and outside to mobilse expertise and resources, and facilitate partnerships for the overall development of the state.
  • To bring out Vision document and occasional papers on innovative strategies based on action research, and present them to the nodal agencies and departments in the State Government.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, policy dialogues on challenges and opportunities for growth and development of Agriculture in the state.
  • Follow up on actionable reforms and recommendations including those from earlier important reports with the concerned Ministries and National agencies.
  • To collate and document potential areas in the state for future investments and sectoral developments based on regional comparative advantages.
  • To provide a platform for international collaborations and consultancy services to the developing countries and undertake action research and documentation of best model for furthering developmental reforms.
  • To facilitate national and global partnerships and provide a platform for various national and international corporates to share their success stories and experiences and provide expertise.
  • To strengthen the networks for promoting agri ventures, mobilization of investments, technologies and promoting agro trade and agribusiness activities.
  • To promote public private sector partnerships and facilitate entrepreneurships development at all levels for comprehensive growth of Agriculture in the state.
  • To execute programs of crop stewardships and sustainable farming and agribusiness models, creating value chain in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, dairy, sheries etc. towards increasing incomes of farmers sustainably.