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World Agriculture Prize

MS Swaminathan Global Dialogue on Climate Change and Food Security
Oct 25, 2018 | Hotel Taj Palace | New Delhi

Agriculture has been the foremost engagement of human beings since their existence and will continue to be imperative, but the sector has been undergone metamorphic changes globally in the last few decades. In this journey of transformation from famine to food sufficiency, certain individuals and institutions played critical roles. Still there is a long way to go in making the planet free from hunger and malnutrition. Considering the ever-increasing population, changing climatic pattern, shrinking resource base and increased disposable incomes resulting in higher demand for safe and quality food, agriculture is continuously evolving to support the humankind. Developing and underdeveloped nations in order to boost agriculture need cooperation, collaboration and learning by global experiences. Youth are moving away from farming and educated class sees farming as last option. They need role models and inspirations.

India has now taken leadership position in the world agriculture and is in a position to benefit the developing world with its experiences and diversity of learning, it is high time for India to recognize the efforts of doyens in agriculture and especially those who have contributed in promoting agriculture in third world countries. This award as well as global dialogue on climate change and food security will provide the country with the golden opportunity to showcase its strengths and position strongly at global level. This will also open more avenues for India to learn from experiences and success stories of developed nations and replicate them in Indian context for accelerated growth of agriculture and farming community. With this vision to recognize the individuals, who have served the humanity through agriculture, Indian Council of Food and Agriculture has instituted World Agriculture Award, to be presented annually to an individual or institution, who played seminal role in transforming agriculture globally, importantly from Asian, African or Latin American countries, and saving the humanity from the curse of hunger. A high level international selection committee is constituted to decide the name of World Agriculture Prize Laureate.

The World Agriculture Prize will be a single prize of $100,000 and will be launched with a special session, named “Swaminathan Global Dialogue on Climate Change and Food Security”, as part of the Global Agriculture Leadership Summit in New Delhi. The special session on Climate change and food security has been incepted with a thought to invite the laureates of food and agriculture world to participate in the World Agriculture Prize event and deliberate on this burning issue to come out with a blue print for climate resilient agriculture in a sustainable manner to safeguard the interests of our future generations.